Forced Feminization

Forced Feminized Cannabis Seeds: What Is Forced Feminization?

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the forced feminization of seeds and why we don’t do it

For many species, in order for reproduction to take place, there must be a female organism and a male organism. It’s true that there are exceptions to this rule, but such cases are rare. The same happens in the case of the hemp plant.

Reproduction happens with the help of female and male plants and for those that cultivate hemp, reproduction is a highly important process, because it can significantly impact the harvest. 

What are feminized hemp seeds?

If you ask most growers what their dream is, there are high chances that they’ll tell you that it’s a garden filled with female plants only. It is an unpleasant feeling to have to throw away a plant you grew from a seed, just because it’s a male plant. But, at the same time, when there are males there’s also the risk of pollination, which will reduce the quality of your yield.

Even if there’s just one male plant, the pollen produced by it can pollinate a good number of female plants. If you want to avoid this without having to throw away male plants, forced feminization seeds is an option many growers use.

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What is the forced feminization of hemp seeds?

Feminized hemp seeds were created in order to allow growers to produce female plants. Thus, gender selection starts at the stage of seeds. When using such seeds, you can be entirely certain that no male plants will pop out. However, feminized seeds could transform into hermaphrodite plants, which have the ability to fertilize themselves, without the need to have any males around. This isn’t a good scenario and will happen when using forced feminization seeds.

How do hemp plants reproduce?

If you’re interested in growing hemp, then you must know how hemp plants reproduce. Reproduction is very important for the evolution of every organism out there and it’s no different when it comes to hemp.  

An essential piece of information is the fact that hemp has separate male and female plants. In other words, you won’t find male and female reproductive organs on the same plant, as commonly met in the vegetal world. Hemp is special because the species features female plants and male plants, so they are separate individuals, just like in the case of humans. 

However, it is worth mentioning that hermaphrodite individuals can occur in the case of hemp plants. In this case, both male and female reproductive organs will be found on the same plants. 

Hemp plants require more than just the presence of males and females in the same room to make reproduction happen. The environmental factors surrounding the plants are also extremely important and will impact the process. Also, some plants are more desirable when looking to obtain a satisfying yield more than others. So, knowing how to tell the plants apart, based on their sex, is a must if you want to be a successful hemp grower. 

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Signs to help identify the gender of your plants

Although it may seem daunting to differentiate male plants from female plants, there are clear signs that will help you out. However, you will have to keep a close eye on your plants, especially when they are around the desired height and ready to finish their vegetative period. 

The risks of forced feminization of hemp seeds

– Feminized seeds are more sensitive in terms of cultivation compared to the regular ones. They have been through intensive and detailed genetic manipulation. So, it’s advisable not to touch them when they’re in the flowering stage. This should be practiced so it won’t destroy the quality of the flowers. 

– Changes in temperature can stress the plants out. So, you need to be extra careful when you grow feminized seeds. 

– Feminized seeds are incapable of growing seeds. In the production of seeds, a male plant or part is an essential factor. So there’s a risk of not continuing the outstanding genetics of feminized seeds. 

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