Organic CBD Delta 8 THC

Relax and uplift your mood for overall wellness

Meet a Powerful Cannabinoid that has a lot to offer

Our Delta-8 products are organic, vegan friendly, and derived from hemp only. When consuming our Delta-8 products, you can expect to have results very quickly. Experience ultimate relaxation and uplifting mood. Enjoy Delta-8 in gummies, vapes, oils, or soft gel capsules.

High-Quality Ingredients

Your health matters to us, so we test for everything! We have the most in-depth lab tests for our CBD Delta 8 products to ensure we are only offering the purest, most effective product. Delta 8 CBD is a 100% natural product. It contains Delta 8 and CBD compounds that are obtained from organically grown hemp plants. The hemp plants are cultivated within the USA. We take no shortcuts when manufacturing products. We have every batch of all our products tested through a third-party laboratory to ensure we are always providing the superior quality products our customers expect. These supplements are free from THC.

About CBD Delta 8

Our CBD Delta 8 THC is formulated to provide you a superior unique experience with a potent hemp-derived vape for overall wellness. Our Delta 8 CBD products range is made for anyone looking for a luxurious CBD experience. The Vape Delta 8 Distillate imparts relaxation, focus, and the uplift that customers expect, but it also may help with pain reduction. Delta 8 is a naturally occurring analog of THC, and in a few puffs, you can enjoy multiple therapeutic properties. Rejuvenate your mood, mind, body and soul with our Delta 8 THC.

How To Use:

Dosing CBD multiple times throughout the day is a common practice, so don’t like feel you need to take it only once in the morning or once at night. Instead, you can try two or three times throughout the day and see if that’s suited for you.

Delta-8 distillate is available in cartridges or syringes and can be vaporized using a standard weed pen or dab rig.

Helps with chronic pain by reducing aches

Decreases any inflammation in the body and helps with overall health

Allows doing daily chores pain-free and in a calmer fashion

It helps with chronic pain by reducing their aches.

It decreases any inflammation in the body and helps with overall health.

It allows to do daily chores pain-free and in a calmer fashion.

Keep away from heat, light, and humidity to preserve freshness


Delta-8 Gummies are minor cannabinoids that can get you high like traditional THC, but much less so. It helps in uplifting and motivating feelings with a calming body sensation.

Yes, these gummies are completely safe. They are cultivated and extracted from all-natural hemp grown on non-GMO farms.

Yes, it is completely safe,  as it contains less than 0.3% THC. They are cultivated and extracted from 

all-natural hemp grown on non-GMO farms.

The best way to use it is to start with 1 to 2 servings (Each serving is 1 puff). Attach the cartridge to a compatible battery and inhale with lips around the mouthpiece. Do not unscrew the mouthpiece. This is a very pure, very concentrated vape product. It may be harsh on the throat to those who are not accustomed to concentrated cannabinoid products. Take short puffs no more than 3 seconds each puff.

Yes, you can order D8 products online. Most online shops ship to all D8 friendly states, including California.

Delta 8 oil has a carrier oil (usually MCT coconut oil or hemp seed oil) and is taken by holding the drops under your tongue for at least 45-60 seconds. The effects from tinctures are normally felt in 15-20 minutes and last for up to 4-6 hours.

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