CBD Infused Food and Drinks

Incorporating CBD In Food: CBD Infused Food and Drinks

CBD infused food and drinks are a new breed of emerging health food, making waves in the modern food and healthcare industry. With all the hype surrounding this trend, how do you even know if CBD infused foods and beverages are right for you?

CBD belongs to a class of compounds known as cannabinoids. These substances affect the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for homeostasis in the human body. Before the early 1990s, the existence of the endocannabinoid system was not very well understood. When research into the effects of cannabinoids from plants on the human body began, the main question that remained was to know if the human body produced its own natural equivalent to phytocannabinoids synthesized by the cannabis plant? According to research, the body did, in fact, produce two natural compounds known as endocannabinoids anandamide and 2-AG. The two compounds came to be known as prominent analogs to THC and CBD.

These natural substances in the human body are part of homeostasis and have an effect on our mood and appetite. The plant’s synthesized equivalents have the same qualities; and hence, they can be used to supplement their natural counterparts and bring the body back to a state of equilibrium. For beginners taking CBD infused food and drinks, a low dose is surely the way to go. Start with 1 milligram of the compound for every 10 pounds of body weight. Each individual will mostly react differently to foreign substances in their system, and that is why it’s safer to let the body gradually determine how much it can handle.

For the CBD to begin having an effect on your body, it takes about 30 to 40 minutes. If you still don’t feel anything, wait for at least 24 hours before you take another dose of the same amount. In some cases, your body needs a little time to get used to the CBD. In case you still don’t feel anything after the second dosage, wait for another 24 hours and then take another dose with an increment of one milligram from your previous dosage per 10 pounds of body weight.

CBD-Infused Tea

Remember, themaximum dosage for most people rests between 5 to 6 milligrams of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. Taking anything above that amount will just be a waste since it’ll be excreted. There have been zero recorded cases of CBD overdose, so far and its most commonly experienced side effects are anxiety, disorientation and fatigue. Its effects per individual vary greatly and can stay in one’s system for an unpredictable amount of time.

While CBD already has a lot of alleged benefits, we still need loads of scientific research to understand its effects better. So far, researchers have managed to find evidence to back up most of the allegations.

CBD infused food and drinks benefits.

Ability to calm

CBD has calming effects that are similar to those of marijuana, just without the psychoactive ‘high’ effect that the bud is majorly known for. Increasingly, there have been suggestions that CBD can help with behavioral issues, insomnia, and stress.

Therapeutic effects

CBD is most effective in treating anxiety and insomnia, according to several preliminary studies evaluating the effects of CBD on humans.  Numerous double-blind placebo-controlled studies, as well as in vivo and in vitro studies have also indicated CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory, anti-catabolic, anti-psychoactive, and anti-depressant qualities. CBD can also be used for pain relief and combating opioid addiction, according to recent research, and has also seen to have positive effects in the treatment and management of Parkinson’s disease and skin diseases.

When administered acutely, evidence from clinical, preclinical, epidemiological and human experimental studies have shown that CBD is indeed effective in the treatment of social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and PTSD.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved CBD products; however, more research to back the FDA’s decision is still ongoing. Part of the FDA’s current supported legislation prohibits food manufacturers from adding drugs to their products; however, in some states, exceptions are being made. In New York and other states with strict regulations, the federal authorities are cracking down on food outlets infusing CBD into food and beverages.

The endless list of CBD infused food and drinks includes CBD cold brews, kombucha, CBD cocktails, CBD Edibles and CBD Coffee, among many others. Unlike other cannabis edibles, CBD edibles are non-intoxicating. They have significantly less THC and so cannot be used to induce any intoxicating effect on the body or mind.

CBD cocktails

Used in foods generally, CBD comes in two distinct forms. There are also other options such as capsules and creams, but they are not as popular.


Sometimes referred to as hemp oil, CBD oil was initially used in its pure state. However, as new research brings to light its potential benefits, people are finding new ways to incorporate CBD into their daily diet and lifestyle. When used in beverages such as cocktails, CBD oil forms a separate layer with the other liquid ingredients and retains its distinct smell. In cooking, it can be added without any restrictions.

CBD Tincture 

CBD Tinctures

Alcohol-based CBD tinctures are often used in beverages because they integrate seamlessly with other liquid ingredients. In cocktails, tinctures dissolve into the rest of the cocktail easily, unlike CBD oil. Browse through our range of safe-to-use CBD tinctures Our products ensure you have the most trusted source of high-quality, affordable, and high-efficacy CBD.

CBD Infused food and drinks is safe for users of all ages, given its non-intoxicating nature and lack of side effects common for THC, such as paranoia and hallucinations. We still need extensive research to determine whether it is totally safe for children but so far, there haven’t been any reports to declare it unsafe for any age. For more information on CBD and to buy Hemp products.

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